Intel denies the claim that CPU overclocking is dead, optimistic about the future of 7nm processors

AMD launched the Ryzen 3000 processor with the 7nm Zen2 architecture in 2019. Regardless of performance, power consumption, and cost-effectiveness, it is excellent in all aspects, but the overclocking performance is not good. It is silly to say that it is silly, and there is almost no overclocking potential.

Regarding AMD's Ryzen 3000 processor overclocking, some players are worried that this is a 7nm process problem, so they are also worried about the overclocking performance of Intel's future 7nm CPU. So how does Intel official view it?

The Tomshardware website recently visited Intel’s OC overclocking laboratory, and communicated with some bigwigs in the OC overclocking team. Dan Ragland, the chief engineer of Intel’s performance adjustment and overclocking architecture, responded to the CPU overclocking problem. He denied that the CPU overclocking is dead. statement.

"OC overclocking will not die, even for 7nm and future CPUs, overclocking will not die." Dan Ragland said, "Even if others encounter overclocking restrictions, Intel's CPUs will not."

Dan Ragland said, "I can confidently tell you that those who see the overclocking of a friend's 7nm processor and suspect the end of overclocking, (7nm CPUs have no overclocking potential) this is not true."

In short, in Dan Ragland's view, even if other 7nm processors cannot overclock, Intel is very confident in CPU overclocking, even for 7nm and future CPUs.

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