LED driver step-down constant current chip_AP1171IC input voltage is up to 92% or more


AP1171 is a high-efficiency, step-down low-voltage input LED driver IC with constant current, suitable for LED driver ICs with a wide voltage range of 12-85V

The peak current control method with fixed off time is adopted, and its operating frequency can reach up to 1HMz, which is beneficial to the volume of inductors and filter capacitors, improves efficiency and saves PCB area. The fixed off time can be adjusted by external resistors, and the operating frequency can also be eradicated User request for adjustment

The AP1171 has a built-in 5A100V power MOS, and the brightness of the LED light can be set by adjusting the resistance of the external current detection resistor. The maximum output current is 1.2A.

AP1171 has built-in over-temperature protection, which reduces the output current when the temperature reaches 140°C. The chip also has output open circuit and output short circuit protection functions to improve safety.

Adopt SOP8 package


Wide input voltage range

High efficiency can be as high as 92% or more

Adjustable off time

Built-in current detection leading edge blanking

Maximum output current 1.2A

Application areas:

Electric bicycle lights, car lights, night market lights, ship lights

Strong light flashlight, and other DC lighting

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