AP2401 built-in MOS_two-function buck constant current drive fog lamp version

Product Description:

AP2401 is a PWM working mode, high efficiency, simple peripherals, built-in power tube, suitable for 5-100V input high-precision step-down LED constant current driver chip. The maximum output power can reach 10W, and the maximum current is 1A.

AP2401 can realize two-stage function switching, and switch between two function modes through MODE2/3: full bright, half bright, full bright/half bright/burst flash cycle mode.

The working frequency of AP2401 is fixed at about 150KHZ, and the built-in frequency jitter circuit can reduce EMI interference to other equipment. In addition, the average current sampling mode can be used to improve current accuracy under wide input voltage conditions.


Wide input voltage range: 5V~100V

Settable current range: 10mA~1000mA

Fixed working frequency: 150KHZ

Built-in frequency jitter circuit to reduce EMI interference to other equipment

Average current mode sampling, higher constant current accuracy

0-100% duty cycle control, no current node jump

Output short circuit protection

Two-function mode: full brightness/semi-brightness/three-function cycle

SOT23-6 package

Application areas:

Electric vehicles, motorcycle lights

Car lighting

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