12V/24V/36V universal high precision common anode constant current IC with linear dimming and

Project name: 8-100V wall washer, flood light, underground light, stage light common anode constant current drive circuit.

Chip introduction:

AP5263 is a high-efficiency, stable and reliable LED lamp constant current driver chip, built-in high-precision comparator, fixed off-time control circuit, constant current driver circuit, etc., especially suitable for high-power LED constant current driver. AP5263 is packaged in ESOP8, the heat sink is built-in to connect to the SW pin, and the current flowing through the LED lamp can be set by adjusting the resistance of the external current detection resistor. It supports external voltage linear dimming, and the maximum current is 2.5A. AP5263 adopts a peak current control method with a fixed off time, and its operating frequency can reach up to 350kHz, which can reduce the volume of external inductors and filter capacitors, improve efficiency, and save PCB area. The minimum off time is 620ns, and it can be adjusted by an external capacitor. The operating frequency can also be adjusted according to user requirements. Add a PWM signal to the EN terminal to adjust the brightness of the LED light.

• Built-in temperature protection

• Output with short circuit protection

•Adjustable off time

• Built-in current sampling leading edge blanking circuit

• High efficiency: up to 95%

• Maximum operating frequency: 350kHz

• Wide input voltage range: 8V~100V

• Peak current sampling voltage: 250mV

•Built-in 100V/12A power tube and 5.6V voltage regulator tube

• Adjustable brightness: PWM dimming at EN and linear dimming at DIM

Can be used for LED locomotive lights, AR111 spotlights, downlights, street lights, floodlights, recessed lights, low-voltage LED spotlights instead of halogen lamps, automotive LED lights, low-voltage industrial lighting, LED backup lights, LED stage lights, LED street lights, Tunnel lights, wall washer lights, LED desk lights, LED advertising light boxes, LED light bars, fluorescent lights, plant growth lights

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