AP5174 car light IC built-in MOS_DCDC step-down constant current chip with over-temperature protection

Product Description:

AP5174 is a high-efficiency, stable and reliable LED lamp constant current drive chip, built-in high-precision comparator, fixed off-time control circuit, constant current drive circuit, etc., especially suitable for high-power LED constant current drive.

AP5174 is packaged in ESOP8, the heat sink is built-in to connect to the SW pin, and the current flowing through the LED lamp is set by adjusting the resistance of the external current detection resistor. It supports linear dimming of the external voltage, and the maximum current is 2.5A.

AP5174 adopts peak current detection and fixed off-time control mode, and the circuit works in two states of switch tube on and off.


Built-in temperature protection

Output short circuit protection

Adjustable off time

Built-in current sampling leading edge blanking current

High efficiency: up to 95%

Wide input voltage range: 5V-100V

Peak current sampling voltage: 250mV

Built-in 100V/10A power tube and 5.6V regulator tube

Adjustable brightness: PWM dimming on EN terminal and linear dimming on DIM terminal

Application areas:

LED flashlight

Car lighting

High-power LED driver

Solar lighting system

Electric, motorcycle lighting

LED car work light

Application schematic diagram:

Electronic Component

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